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We value what we do as much as how we do it.

We work to achieve our vision of high-performing floating offshore wind providing sustainable, reliable and affordable energy.


We are guided by 3 values reflecting our common identity and ambitions, resonating with the way we work everyday: we are Collaborative, Trustworthy and Forward-looking. Learn more

When developing floating offshore wind projects, Océole is committed to establishing open consultation, managing our impact on the environment and users of the sea and promoting local economy opportunities. Learn more

Our values




Our joint expertise is the key to our ability to deliver successful and reliable projects. 

We will collaborate closely with local stakeholders to ensure we engage with respect and build strong support for our projects. 


Transparency and integrity are essential to the way we deliver our projects.  

We will develop safe and high-performing projects leveraging on our industrial, development and financial experience. 


Floating wind is the future of energy

We will develop innovative projects that bring together technology and sustainability.



Our commitments


Based on its joint experience, Océole is committed to an open consultation process by establishing local dialogue. 

By working closely with government bodies, elected officials, citizens and stakeholders, and by ensuring regular and transparent communication, Océole is committed to developing real territorial projects, adapted to local issues. 


We aim to diligently manage risks and impacts to the environment from our activities through: 

  • Environmental risk and impact assessments in planning phases  
  • Environmental baseline studies, surveys and monitoring programmes  
  • Take measures aiming at avoiding, minimizing, mitigating or offsetting negative effects 

Océole will work to minimize its impact and develop projects that respect their environment and the uses of the sea. We will seek close dialogue with fishermen organisations and other environmental parties to secure co-existence within the area of the project.

Local Economy

The development of offshore wind projects brings significant local expectations in terms of socio-economic benefits and industrial dynamic. Thanks to its strong experience, Océole is uniquely qualified to continue to drive the development of an industrial sector dedicated to specific equipment for floating offshore wind.

Océole is committed to working in synergy with all local stakeholders, contributing to the industrial development in the region by maximising local economic opportunities and competition, thus creating new jobs.

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