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Developing floating offshore wind

With Equinor’s experience as a global offshore wind major, Q ENERGY France’s experience in the French renewable energy market and Green Giraffe's proven worldwide track record, we are uniquely qualified to further develop floating offshore wind in France.

With more than a decade of operating experience from floating offshore wind, Equinor is the world’s leading floating offshore wind developer with floating wind turbines already deployed and in production. Their offshore experience and project management expertise from the North Sea and around the world enables them to lead the way and further develop floating offshore wind in a safe and efficient way. 

Hywind Scotland – the world’s first floating offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland, UK: link 

Hywind Tampen - the world’s first floating offshore wind farm to supply renewable power to offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea: link 

Q ENERGY France, formerly affiliated with the RES group, is a recognized player in the offshore wind field, active in the sector since 2005. With more than 23 years of experience, the company has demonstrated its skills in developing projects respectful of the environment, maintaining close relationships with all stakeholders and contributing to the development of the local economy. Winner - as RES - of the first French tender for offshore wind in 2011, Q ENERGY France benefits from the valuable experience of the co-development of the Saint-Brieuc project.

Saint-Brieuc - one of the very first offshore wind projects in France, co-developed by Q ENERGY France until 2020: link 

Specialist advisory firm focused on the renewable energy sector, Green Giraffe  has a unique position in the offshore wind sector and a proven track record with more than 100 projects worldwide. Its wealth of experience makes Green Giraffe a major player in the offshore wind field.


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