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Why a partnership?

Over the past two decades, European public policies have supported the renewable industry so it could become competitive in a deregulated electricity markets environment. With the rolling-out of multi-gigawatt pipelines, the growth of the industry and the involvement of many energy companies, offshore wind has now become a mature industry able to compete with other conventional electricity production technologies. Therefore, in the recent years, public policies have shifted to make the allocation of project more competitive through public tendering. The shift has been beneficial to both the interests of the consumers and taxpayers, as well as the risk-averse industrials who build renewable energy power plants. 

So today, with highly competitive public tenders, it’s essential to identify and optimise projects across the whole value chain whether technical, contractual, or financial. This requirement of combined skills is the key to success in public tenders and further democratise offshore wind. We believe the best way to achieve this combination of skills is to assemble the most complementary partnership of people and experiences.  

Therefore, market-leading Equinor, Q ENERGY France and Green Giraffe have decided to join forces. With its industrial, development and financial experience, Océole offers the most experienced, knowledgeable and ambitious partnership to bring sustainable, affordable and reliable energy to all.

Equinor is developing as a broad energy company, building a material position in renewable energy. 

Equinor now powers more than one million European homes with renewable offshore wind from four offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom and Germany. 

The company is building material offshore wind clusters in the UK, the US North East and in the Baltic Sea. It is the leading floating offshore wind developer globally with one running commercial park off the coast of Scotland and another under construction ready to start production off the coast of Norway end of 2022. Equinor is positioned for future floating wind options in several geographies, including France, the UK, Norway and Asia where it is developing a pipeline of floating offshore wind projects in South Korea.

Learn more about Equinor here:

Q ENERGY France is a major player in the french renewable energy market. Formerly affiliated with the RES group, the company has been active for 23 years in the development, construction and operation of wind and photovoltaic projects. Now also positioned in the energy storage market, Q ENERGY continues to expand into new areas such as green hydrogen, in order to offer smart and global solutions for the production and supply of sustainable energy in France. The company counts more than 200 collaborators and 6 agencies in France, and a head office based in Avignon.

In France, Q ENERGY France has developed more than 1.5GW of renewable energy projects, including the 496MW Saint-Brieuc offshore wind project in Brittany. 

Learn more about Q ENERGY France here:

Green Giraffe is a specialist advisory firm focused on the renewable energy sector launched in 2010 by experienced finance specialists. With offices across the world, they offer project equity and non-recourse debt structuring, buy-side and sell side advisory, tender support, project contracting support, market intelligence and modelling/valuation services. 

Green Giraffe is active across all renewable energy technologies, but has a unique position in the offshore wind sector. Their experience (and accumulated lessons learned) in offshore wind energy projects includes technology choices, contractor scope and risk allocation, corporate structuring and debt and/or equity financing. Their constant presence in the financial markets guarantees access to the most up to date information on investor capabilities and requirements, liquidity in the debt markets as well as to construction and O&M strategies. 

Learn more about Green Giraffe here: 

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